mabotte - handmade jewelry to remember
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mabotte - handmade jewelry to remember
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locket info

Your mabotte locket is a modern version of the locket that everybody knows and that you maybe remember your grandma wearing.

What makes the mabotte locket so special?

First of all it is very easy to open the locket: it is a swivel locket, that consists of two movable parts, fitting tightly together. Just push the lid to the side to open the locket. 
The pictures are held by little frames that fit exactly in the locket. To put a picture in, slide the two parts of the locket apart, take out the frame, put your picture in, put the frame back in. That's it. I always include a little wooden stick to make that easier.

The lockets are available as round lockets, drop shaped lockets and keychain-lockets. Other shapes and variations are possible as custom orders.

The lockets are available in three different sizes in the round version and also in the drop shaped version. The keychains are available in two sizes.


Prices for round lockets in 925/000 Ag

ROUND 14/15mm 22mm 26mm
1 photo 125€ 170€ 215€
2 photos 175€ 225€ 280€
 glass from 185€ from 245€ from 290€

Prices for drop shaped lockets in 925/000 Ag

DROP 14x23mm 18x30mm 26x40mm
1 photo 175€ 215€ 275€
2 photos 230€ 270€ 330€
 glass from 250€ from 285€ from 360€

Prices for keychain lockets in 925/000 Ag

KEYCHAIN 15/16mm 22mm
1 photo 185€ 225€
2 photos 245€ 285€
 glass from 285€ from 315€

Prices for round lockets in 750/000 Au yellow gold

ROUND 14/15mm 22mm 26mm
1 photo 595€ 1150€ 1690€
2 photos 725€ 1495€ 1996€
 glass from 895€ from 1550€ from 2095€

Prices for drop shaped lockets in 750/000 Au yellow gold

DROP 14x23mm 18x30mm 26x40mm
1 photo 795€ 1290€ 2195€
2 photos 945€ 1445€ 2335€
 glass 995€ 1495€ 2395€


Designs and Customization

Almost all designs are available in the different sizes. For an extra charge (depending on the complexity), an additional design or an individualisation (for example a date or a name on the back) is possible.


Custom Orders are welcome. Below you see a collection of custom designs I made. Contact me at if you have an idea for your locket i try to make it possible.



How to put a photo in your locket



Almost all lockets are made after your order, the photos are sample photos.